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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement on the first day of partisan attack ads against pollution pricing:

“It’s unacceptable for Ford to waste public dollars on a reckless partisan campaign to sabotage climate solutions and help Andrew Scheer get elected.

The Premier is always in a fight with someone, whether it’s teachers, the City of Toronto or the federal government. And he’s willing to stick taxpayers with the bill.

Just like the fuel pump stickers, these radio ads tell just one-third of the story, completely ignoring the carbon rebates that put money in people’s pockets and the mounting costs of climate inaction.

Even worse, the radio ads totally misrepresent the climate emergency, falsely telling people that picking up trash will solve climate change.

We need a mature discussion about fighting the climate emergency with all the tools at our disposal. Instead we’re getting partisan political games funded by taxpayers.”

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