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  • Rapid tests should be free and available for students until June

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to this afternoon’s government press conference on winter testing:

“While it’s encouraging news that testing is being increased overall, the Premier’s flip-flopping on rapid and take-home tests in schools has caused disruption to students that could have been avoided. The student pharmacy testing program that the Premier cut in June should never have been cancelled.

Over 500 schools across the province currently have cases. And five are currently closed due to outbreaks.

Rapid tests should be free and available for students until June in all schools.

Why wait until the holiday break to make use of such a key tool?

Today, there are over 700 new cases — the highest in two months. The province is trending in the wrong direction.

Whether it’s risky decisions like offering symptomatic testing of an airborne virus in pharmacies, or the slow rollout of a vaccine booking system for children under 12 — the government is continuing with their pattern of delays and half measures on COVID-19 response.

The Premier to provide consistent and frequent messaging for parents to address their questions and concerns about youth vaccines.

We can’t afford a repeat of the vaccine hunger games of last spring.”

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