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  • The provincial and federal governments are failing Ontario families on child care

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following statement regarding the delay on $10-a-day child care in Ontario:

“Ontario families need affordable $10-a-day child care now. Every day that the Premier and Prime Minister fail to negotiate a deal is another day that families suffer.

There is an affordability crisis in Ontario. Affordable child care will take a huge financial burden off of families and help set Ontario on a path to an equitable economic recovery from COVID-19.

It’s clear that affordable child care has never been a priority for the Premier.

I’m calling on the Premier and Prime Minister to stop negotiating through media stunts, come to the table, and finalize a deal that works for Ontario families.

I will continue to stand up for families at Queen’s Park and I will continue to call on the Premier and Prime Minister to put Ontario families first until a deal is signed.”

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