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  • Review of speed limits must be evidence-based

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to raising speed limits on the 400-series highways:

“I support an evidence-based review of speed limits on the 400-series highways with safety being a top priority. Such a review must be driven be experts and not by the Premiers’s need for immediate gratification.

These are some of the busiest highways in North America, and so an investigation into the possibility of raising speed limits could be worthwhile, particularly if we can learn from the experiences of other jurisdictions.

But whether it’s license plates or earlier drinking hours, the Premier continues to chase ideas that grab headlines, but that fail to address the pressing issues that need our government’s attention, whether it’s mental health, housing, or the climate crisis.

And raising speed limits on highways is not a silver bullet for relieving congestion and gridlock.

We need investments in regional transit – such as two-way, all-day GO between Toronto and KW – that will truly get Ontario moving, while taking seriously our obligation to reduce transportation emissions.”

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