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I’ve been contacted a number of time in the last days asking about an email which came from the local NDP riding association about the teacher’s rally on the lawn of Queen’s Park which took place on April 6th. I’d like to correct some false assumptions in the letter.

On April 6th:

  1. I attended a morning public event and following the memorial tribute to a great Guelph statesman Bill Winegard
  2. I was en route to the No Cuts To Education Rally run by all four publicly funded Teachers Unions, but due to traffic regretfully could not make it before the end of the rally
  3. I was in contact with one of the organizers of the nine local buses from Wellington Catholic School Board and Upper Grand District School Board while travelling.
  4. The Locals know I am supportive as proven by the Rally For Ed held outside my office and other events held by the Unions which I attend.



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