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  • Schreiner asks Attorney General to reverse cuts to family law services in Guelph
GUELPH, ON — Mike Schreiner sent the following letter to Attorney General Doug Downey regarding cuts to family law services at Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis and CLIC/FLIC:

Dear Hon. Doug Downey:

I’m deeply disappointed that the government would cut family law services at Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis and CLIC/FLIC services at the Legal Clinic of Guelph and Wellington County on Mondays without notice.

These services provide vulnerable women with access to legal services in a cost-effective way. This move contradicts the government’s goal of delivering government services more efficiently.

Combining this service with the already limited services available at the Court of Justice at 74 Woolwich puts more pressure on an already overcrowded space and puts vulnerable women in the difficult position of possibly having to access legal services in spaces adjacent to their abusers.

Although it is good to know that summary advice is available via telephone, I worry that it will be insufficient and therefore inefficient in providing the legal services women in crisis need.

I strongly urge the government to reconsider this decision. I would be happy to discuss this in more detail.


Mike Schreiner
MPP, Guelph

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