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  • Schreiner responds to more than 400 health care layoffs

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after it was announced that more than 400 people in the healthcare system had received layoff notices:

“My heart goes out to everyone losing their job today. Ford’s cuts have a real impact on people, on their families, and in their communities.

The Premier promised that his cuts would not lead to job losses. Promise made, promise broken yet again.

We must hold the government accountable for how these funds are reallocated because replacing one costly org chart with another won’t provide any relief for patients in hallways.

This same centralization model forced through by the government this spring has led to front-line chaos and bureaucratic headaches elsewhere in Canada, without solving chronic healthcare woes.

We can’t allow the Premier’s tunnel vision for immediate savings to jeopardize health care for people.

Yet just a year into power, Ford has already developed a reputation of making cuts to municipalities and public health with his eyes closed and his ears plugged.

And it’s only when the people impacted educate the Premier that he comes to his senses and back-tracks.

It’s not a pattern we can afford to continue in health care.”

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