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  • Schreiner calls on Premier to listen to Optometrists and help Ontarians

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner rose in the House today to question the Premier’s delay in resolving concerns of Optometrists:

“It’s time the Premier did basic math and agreed to cover the full operating cost of OHIP eye exams so seniors and children can get the care they need.

The Premier’s refusal to cover operating costs for OHIP eye exams is hurting seniors and children the most.

A veteran approached me after Remembrance Day ceremonies last week. His eyesight has declined, and he desperately needs an appointment with his optometrist. But neither he nor his grandkids can get an appointment with their optometrist.

It is wrong that seniors and children cannot access OHIP covered eye exams in Ontario.

It is wrong that eye doctors lose over $30 for each OHIP eye exam.

But instead of doing the right thing, the Premier’s government has been negotiating through the media and through Question Period. This is not bargaining in good faith.

Optometrists have been clear: they’re asking for coverage of basic operating costs of OHIP eye exams.

If the Premier truly cared about our seniors and children, he would stop playing politics with the health of their eyes on the line.

I will continue to push the Premier to immediately fund the operating costs that have been determined by a fair and impartial 3rd party so that our most vulnerable can receive the eye care they deserve.”

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