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  • Schreiner calls for Carruthers Creek to be protected and added to the Greenbelt

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following statement regarding Carruthers Creek:

“Carruthers Creek needs to be protected and added to the Greenbelt.

These vital wetlands protect the region from flooding and are a crucial source for fresh, clean water.

Giving developers the greenlight to pave over the wetlands is a direct invitation for flooding disasters.

The region is already threatened by flooding and the Carruthers Creek watershed is already under severe stress.

According to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, development of the headwaters will worsen existing flooding and erosion issues by 77 per cent.

As the climate emergency intensifies, extreme weather events like flooding will become more frequent and severe.

We need to do everything possible to protect the natural defenses we have to mitigate climate damage.

Destroying invaluable wetlands makes no sense.

Environment Minister Phillips promised in 2018 to add Carruthers Creek to the Greenbelt. But as Environment Minister, sat idly by. Enough with the lip service.

I have a plan to build livable and affordable communities that protect nature like Carruthers Creek. It can be done.

I’m calling on the Premier to protect Carruthers Creek and add it to the Greenbelt immediately.”

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