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  • Schreiner pens open letter calling on the Premier to sign affordable child-care deal with Feds

TORONTO — This afternoon, MPP Mike Schreiner sent an open letter to the Premier once again urging him to commit to signing onto the national child-care plan to bring affordable and accessible $10-a-day child care to Ontario.

“Ontario’s families have been through so much throughout this public health crisis. We have a responsibility to ensure we’re doing everything possible to help them,” Schreiner wrote.

“Affordable child care will provide essential support for families, especially mothers who have been so hard hit by the pandemic, and help Ontario’s economy recover from the she-cession that is negatively impacting labour force participation.”

Schreiner also highlighted the Premier’s recent “noticeable absence” from addressing the public’s concerns and answering people’s questions. The Premier hasn’t made a public appearance to answer media questions since July 30th.

Schreiner also stressed his commitment to working across party lines to get an affordable child care deal with the Feds done — a deal that the majority of provinces have already taken advantage of.

“Eight provinces have already signed on to the national program and yet as Canada’s largest province, Ontario is holding back,” Schreiner wrote.

“By investing in affordable child care, we can avoid the worst impacts of the pandemic and prepare for an equitable recovery. But the time to act is now. I’m eager to work with you and MPPs from all parties to ensure urgent action is taken.”

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