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  • The Premier needs to listen to experts on vaccine certificates

TORONTO — MPP Mike Schreiner released the following statement after meeting with diverse stakeholders and opposition parties this morning on the need for vaccine certificates and mandates:

“The Premier needs to listen to the experts on how best to implement a vaccine certificate program in Ontario. And he needs to make it happen quickly.

Medical professionals, public health experts, municipalities and small business owners are clear: we need a vaccine certificate in Ontario.

Now is the time to put people before politics. We need to work across party lines to bring people together so that we can reduce the spread of the virus and avoid another lockdown.

Vaccine certificates will help protect those in the most vulnerable situations and alleviate stress on the already over-burdened health-care system. Reducing transmission will help businesses and schools stay open.

Now is the time to listen to experts and stakeholders on how to create the best possible system that is accessible, secure and effective. No more delays and no more half measures.

The Premier needs to step up to ensure that there is a consistent and universal policy across the province. We need a system that protects people’s privacy and is clearly temporary with a sunset clause. And businesses and organizations should have legal protection to enforce certificates.

We need a certificate that is simple and easy for use, as well as options for people who may not have access to a smartphone.

I’m committed to working across party lines to ensure Ontario urgently implements the best possible vaccine certificate program to protect people.”

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