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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner, the MPP for Guelph, released the following statement after the Minister of Education announced the change to e-learning requirements:

“This is another example of the Premier’s inefficient cut-first, think-later approach.

They have thrown massive curveballs at our education system, threatening to get rid of 10,000 teachers, increase class sizes by 27%, and force kids into online learning.

And now they want credit for showing the common sense that parents and teachers had the whole time who were denouncing these reckless cuts.

It was completely unrealistic to mandate four online courses given the huge gaps in broadband Internet coverage and the reality that not all families can afford computers.

Two mandatory courses presents the same challenges.

But this is the strategy of this government.

Use the threat of massive cuts to create cover for more modest cuts that will nonetheless do harm to our children’s education.

The big wedge in these negotiations remains the increase to class sizes that will take thousands of adults out of schools. 

If the Minister seriously wants to land a deal, then he must come to the table willing to reverse these cuts.”
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