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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner, the MPP for Guelph, released the following statement after Ontario’s Divisional Court struck down the government’s Student Choice Initiative

“This is a victory for students who were fighting to preserve student democracy and the quality of campus life.

Once again the government is found to be overstepping its power, in what seemed like a pointed attack on students’ unions, campus journalists and other groups the Premier disagrees.

Politicians should not be dictating to universities which services are essential and which are not, and the courts have confirmed that the government’s actions are a threat to academic freedom.

The defunding of student newspapers, campus food banks, and social justice groups is a recipe for worsening the student experience and undoing student efforts to make campuses safe and equitable.

The government should accept this decision, respect student democracy and return the decision-making power that was unlawfully seized from student associations.”

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