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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Premier announced $4 billion in federal and provincial funding for municipalities:

“I am pleased to see a large chunk of funding to support local transit services that have been bleeding money and need urgent relief to continue operating.

But child care and education continue to be a huge blindspot for this government, and I am disappointed the Premier had nothing new to say.

The Premier repeated a false claim that childcare centres are operating at 90% capacity, when the facts show otherwise.

Unless the government is willing to shore up childcare with an immediate investment, there will be an exodus of working moms from the economy.

We also need transparency about how the remaining $5.2 billion is going to be spent because the Premier has a history of bad math and questionable accounting.

The Premier must commit to hiring thousands of new teachers and support staff to allow for safe, small-group learning in the fall.

With September only weeks away, the silence on childcare and education must end.”

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