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QUEEN’S PARK — The Premier took another hammer to environmental laws today, fast-tracking a bill to make it easier to pave over more of the places we love in Ontario as his final legislative act of the summer.

The bill gives new power to the Environment Minister to allow projects to skip the environmental assessment process, creating the potential for political interference in scientific decisions.

“This is another power grab by the government to manipulate environmental decision-making and remove the protections for clean air, safe drinking water and green space,” said Schreiner.

Thorough assessments to evaluate environmental harm before approving a project could become a rarity, as the Premier is determined to get things built faster, not better.

“This is the last government that can be trusted with this kind of power. Over two years, they have made a barrage of changes to weaken protections for forests, farmland, endangered species, and drinking water, confirming that the environment is at the bottom of their list,” said Schreiner.

While other jurisdictions are using the COVID recovery to re-energize climate action and chart a greener path forward, Ford’s conservatives are doing the opposite.

“It says a lot about this Premier that he equates a strong economy with weaker environmental protections. Instead of promoting a future with clean air, healthy communities and green jobs, the Premier is turning back the clock on our children’s future, ” said Schreiner.

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