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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Ford government passed legislation to ban evictions:

“This bill isn’t perfect, but I’m hearing from small businesses that they need an immediate signal to stave off eviction. 

I voted in favour of this bill because I have pledged to quarantine partisanship and support urgent relief where it is needed. 

This bill is long overdue and it doesn’t address most of the gaps, but the bottom line is that it will prevent small businesses from being evicted. 

I am incredibly disappointed that we are three months into the pandemic and the Government is only now listening to the pleas from small businesses and opposition parties. 

For a government that claims to be pro-business, it is truly shocking how much they have dropped the ball on supporting small businesses. 

We have known for months that small businesses were struggling with rent, and I feel for those that have already closed shop because of the Premier’s delays. 

After months of advocating for this legislation, I consider this a small victory. 

But I will continue pushing for additional measures, including a program driven by small businesses instead of landlords and a lowering of the revenue loss threshold to 20%.”

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