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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Prime Minister announced a funding package for municipalities.

“The Premier needs to stop pretending that his only job is as a negotiator between cities and Ottawa.

For months the Premier has passed the buck to the federal government, refusing to listen to municipalities and leaving them on the verge of massive cuts to transit, fire and ambulance, childcare and long-term care.

The blame game must stop, and the Premier must deliver a matching relief package for municipalities to keep their services afloat.

There is no economic recovery without strong, thriving cities. I reiterate my previous recommendations to provide urgent relief:

The recommendations include:

1. Restoring the previous funding formula for public health;
2. Providing a $350 million operating grant to cover the operating costs of municipal-run long-term care homes;
3. Restoring provincial funding for community housing;
4. Increasing emergency stabilization funding for shelters, food banks and other non-profits;
5. Fast-tracking funding for already approved infrastructure projects;
6. Creating a multi-billion dollar active transportation fund for municipalities;
7. Restoring the previous funding formula for child care;
8. Funding 50% of local transit operating costs for municipalities;
9. Doubling the municipalities’ share of gas tax funding; and
10. Allowing municipalities to implement new revenue generating tools, including road tolls, parking levies and land value taxation

Read the full letter to the Premier: https://mikeschreinermpp.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Letter-from-Mike-Schreiner-Municipal-Response-Plan-May-2020.pdf

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