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  • Schreiner’s Back-to-School Plan prioritizes in-class learning and more outdoor education

QUEEN’S PARK — MPP for Guelph, Mike Schreiner, has released a school reopening plan drawing on a growing body of health evidence that children can safely return to school with the right COVID-19 public health protocols.

Schreiner is asking the province to invest the funding needed to hire more educators and staff so we can provide full-time in-class learning, with a focus on K-6 so that parents can return to work more easily and children experience a positive learning environment.

His plan would repurpose community space and put a greater emphasis on nature-based learning and outdoor education.

He is urging the government to consult with educators, school boards and teachers’ unions on a plan to:

  • Guarantee full-time, in-class learning for all students, prioritizing K-6
  • Hire new teachers and staff for smaller group learning
  • Limit class sizes to no more than 15 students
  • Hire additional staff to clean and sanitize schools
  • Repurpose community centres, event facilities and other spaces
  • Temporarily bring in more portables to expand the spatial footprint of schools
  • Develop an anti-racism strategy to ensure racialized students are fully supported
  • Provide additional resources for students with special needs
  • Increase nature-based learning and outdoor education
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