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  • Schreiner supports restrictions on non-essential shopping in big box stores

TORONTO, ON — Mike Schreiner released the following statement:

“From the onset of this pandemic, I’ve been worried that only the Amazons and Walmarts of the world would survive.

We must give independent retailers a fighting chance, but the Premier is failing to do what he can to prevent mass closures on mainstreet.

While I support the lockdown that went into effect today, the Premier has a responsibility to level the playing field for independent retailers.

It’s simply unfair that Costco and Walmart can continue selling jewelry, playstations, and other non-essential goods, while mom and pop retailers must shut down entirely.

I was disappointed to learn that the Premier’s decision not to crack down on big box stores was the result of a conversation with Walmart.

At a minimum, Ontario should follow Manitoba’s example and restrict big box stores to the sale of essential goods only.

Walmart will survive the inconvenience.

But for small businesses to survive, they need more than words from the Premier. They need direct support and a level playing field.”

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