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TORONTO — Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding the lack of paid sick days for warehouse workers:

“The Premier’s insistence on punting responsibility for paid sick days to the Feds is not only disrespectful to our essential workers, but reckless and irresponsible.

Just last week, a worker died and 224 tested positive as a result of the Covid outbreak at Canada Post’s Mississauga facility.

We’ve seen the same story over and over again in hotspot regions.

Over 400 workers have tested positive in Amazon fulfilment centres in Brampton.

The pattern is clear: essential warehouse workers in disproportionately racialized communities do not have the protections they need and are getting sick.

These outbreaks are avoidable.

Ontario’s workers deserve safe workplaces, especially during a pandemic.

It is inexcusable that workers are forced to choose between their health and paying the bills when they are sick. But this is exactly what the Government forced upon them when they cancelled paid sick days in 2018.

I am once again calling on Premier Ford to stand up for workers and act now to protect our essential workers by implementing 10 paid sick days.”

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