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  • Surprise, surprise – The Premier’s Greenbelt denials don’t hold water

TORONTO — MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to the release of an email showing that the government’s discussed changes to the Greenbelt ten days prior to the date they told the Integrity Commissioner they were briefed on the changes.

“Almost every day, we hear a new story about the Premier putting wealthy insiders before everyday Ontarians – and today’s Greenbelt discovery is just another drop in the bucket.

It’s no surprise that the Premier’s hands were all over the Greenbelt giveaway from the very beginning.

But how many more buried emails, misremembered dates and clumsy inaccuracies are going to be dug up before we hear the truth from this government?

Ontarians have had enough of broken promises and empty apologies.

Distraction and denial won’t deliver the accountability they deserve.

It’s long past time for the Premier to step up, tell the truth and commit to taking real action on the housing affordability crisis.

He can start by passing my bill to legalize housing and build more homes that ordinary Ontarians can afford in communities they know and love.”

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