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  • The Premier is setting up municipal infrastructure for climate change disaster

TORONTO — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response this morning’s FAO report on the state of Ontario’s municipal infrastructure:

“Today’s FAO report shows the dire state of municipal infrastructure in Ontario.

It shows that 45% of municipal infrastructure assets are not in a state of good repair. And that the municipal infrastructure backlog from last year is estimated at $52 billion.

The impacts of the climate emergency will only make matters worse.

The climate emergency is already here. Wildfires, storms and floods are getting more frequent and more severe. And this will have a huge impact on infrastructure. As last week’s IPCC report showed, we have to prepare for the worst of the climate disaster.

And without a doubt municipalities will bear the brunt of climate adaptation.

The Premier needs to get money into the hands of municipalities so they can carry out the much-needed repairs to roads, buildings, community centres, and wastewater infrastructure that Ontarians rely on.

I am committed to helping municipalities fund climate adaptation for their infrastructure. I understand that helping municipalities is helping everyday Ontarians feel safe in their communities.

Funding a climate adaptation initiative will also create thousands of jobs in the process, kickstarting the economy as we recover from COVID while making Ontario’s communities, towns and cities more climate resilient.

The climate emergency is here, and we need to act urgently to reduce the negative impacts.

That means no more subsidizing fossil fuels, rapidly electrifying transportation and buildings, investing in renewables and protecting our greenspaces.

We need to take climate preparedness seriously and protect our infrastructure.”

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