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  • The Premier’s half measures on COVID continue to put Ontarians at risk

TORONTO — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to Dr. Moore’s announcement:

“The Premier’s half measures to battle COVID continue to put people at risk.

We need mandatory vaccines for both healthcare and education workers to protect patients and students. What was announced today is a cop out.

The Premier refuses to take the necessary steps to battle the virus. And once again, he refuses to step up to the mic and answer the tough questions.

He’s missing when Ontarians deserve answers to why more is not being done to avoid the worst of the escalating fourth wave.

I fear half measures could result in further lockdowns, closed schools, and overwhelmed hospitals.

It’s déjà vu from the third wave.

The Premier needs to step up and finally listen to the public health experts and implement:

  • Fully mandatory vaccines for education and healthcare workers to protect the most vulnerable including children under 12
  • Vaccine certificates
  • A robust, accessible and convenient testing and contact tracing system to track and control outbreaks
  • A last-mile vaccination strategy to reach the vaccine-hesitant and break down access barriers, including paid sick leave for vaccines and recovery.”
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