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  • The Premier needs an all hands on deck approach for the pandemic

TORONTO – Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to the Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Moore’s COVID-19 update:

“This week’s hunger games for vaccines is a blaring example of the consequences of delayed action from the government.

The science and health experts have been clear for months on what Ontario could face in the winter months, meaning the province had months to prepare. Instead, the Premier delayed in deploying free rapid tests or expanding booster eligibility, thus creating the chaos we’re seeing now.

This pattern cannot continue. Ontario needs to do better. We need to be ramping up testing, tracing, and vaccinating in ways that are equitable, accessible, strategic and stress free.

The Premier should be working across party lines for an all hands on deck approach.

I have been calling for:

  • N95 masks to be made available for everyone in high-risk settings, especially those in health care, education, grocery store workers and transit, as well as for people receiving ODSP
  • Mandating vaccines for all healthcare and education workers
  • Rapid tests to remain free, widely accessible and equitably distributed
  • A mass information campaign that #COVIDisAirborne
  • Ventilation and air quality upgrades in all congregate settings
  • Permanent Paid Sick Days
  • A clear plan for school reopenings in January

The Premier needs to ditch the dithering and do everything possible to avoid any further restrictions.”

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