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  • The Premier’s refusal to embrace renewables will cost Ontario consumers

GUELPH — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to a new report showing that renewable energy technologies are lower-cost compared to fossil gas.

“Investing in dirty, expensive fossil gas plants despite mounting evidence that they are more expensive than renewable alternatives goes directly against Ontario’s best interests.

The Premier’s government’s continued investment in polluting fossil gas infrastructure not only impedes Ontario’s ability to meet our climate targets – it also increases consumer energy costs and puts future generations at risk.

Since taking office, the Premier’s government has recklessly mismanaged Ontario’s energy supply – cancelling hundreds of renewable energy contracts, costing us millions. Now, facing an energy crunch, their solution is to double down on a plan that will cost you more and increase pollution.

The Premier has made it clear he will not take necessary action to address the climate crisis. That’s why I wrote to the Prime Minister calling on the federal government to immediately establish federal clean electricity regulations that ban new gas plants and require Ontario to move to a net-zero carbon electricity grid by 2030.

In the midst of a climate emergency, Ontario needs a government willing to take bold action to safeguard our environmental and economic wellbeing. The Premier’s government is not that government.”

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