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  • Highway 413 has the government stuck in the past

GUELPH — MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to news that the Premier has written to the Prime Minister regarding their ongoing legal battle over the construction of Highway 413.

“Highway 413 is an expensive sprawl supercharger that will cost Ontarians at least $10 billion and pave over 2,000 acres of prime farmland – all to save commuters a few extra seconds.

Why is the government so dead-set on reviving it instead of investing in lower-cost, less destructive alternatives that will save taxpayer dollars?

By subsidizing tolls for trucks on Highway 407, the government could reduce congestion today and create $6 billion in savings by scrapping the super-polluting 413.

Not only would this reduce traffic on Highway 401, it would also conserve 2,000 acres of prime farmland and 400 acres of Greenbelt land that would be destroyed in the name of helping out well-connected speculators.

We have real solutions to build more homes in affordable, connected communities well-serviced by transit options that get you where you need to go – while protecting our prime farmland from costly sprawl.”

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