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  • Mike Schreiner requests audit into the government’s decision to overturn OEB home heating ruling

QUEEN’S PARK — MPP Mike Schreiner has written to Ontario’s Auditor General requesting a value for money audit and review of the financial and environmental costs of the government’s decision to overturn the Ontario Energy Board ruling that would have ended the subsidization of fossil gas hookups in newly built Ontario homes.

“The OEB’s decision to end Enbridge’s subsidy on new fossil gas hookups was supported by extensive evidence,” said Schreiner.

“It factored in not only the environmental and economic impacts, but also the long-term financial risk for consumers of being stuck with more expensive gas heating and the cost of stranded assets as Canada transitions off of gas heating.

“The government’s choice to overturn such a decision by an independent body sets a dangerous precedent, and it once again puts the interests of wealthy, well-connected insiders before everyday Ontarians.

“Ontarians deserve to know just what this government is costing us by interfering with the OEB’s decision, and I will keep pushing to deliver that accountability.”

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