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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Long-Term Care commission released early recommendations:

“First I want to thank the commission for releasing these early recommendations so the province can get to work now.

But I fear these calls to action will fall on deaf ears like so many past reports because to date the Premier has not had the political will to put care over cost-cutting.

The staffing shortage is no secret, but the Premier has failed to hire more nurses and PSWs, instead passing the buck to long-term care operators in secret memos.

The conditions for a hostile takeover from COVID-19 have been there for decades and yet the Premier’s response is to grant immunity for this neglect.

The only acceptable course of action today is to hire and train more nurses and PSWs to guarantee four hours of daily care per resident.

Health advocates have done the math and it will cost the province $1.6 billion to end the chronic staffing and care shortages in long-term care.

The Government is out of excuses. If they delay further, they do so with the full knowledge that more elders will die alone.”

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